LOU ANN (Кейт Карлофф © 2006)
I.                                                   III.
Everyone said that we was too young,                 There were times
but I was too young to care what they said.          with hardly enough
Then chose a road that took you so far away          to feed the kids.
from everything you’d ever known.                    Out the streets, I worked anything I could find.
My Lou Ann                                           Many times
II.                                                  I felt ashamed
And the months turned into years.                    to show my face
Now the years go by like days.                       God only knows how we survived.
Who would have thought we’d be standing right here?  V.
Just you and me, I’d have to say                     There were times
                                                     it didn’t seem
My Lou Ann                                           we would last the night
                                                     I musta found every way to let you down.
                                                     But through your love
                                                     I finally came
                                                     to understand
                                                     that it’s plenty fine, just being alive
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ride to live, live to ride
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