ALONG COMES TROUBLE (Карлофф-Коллетон © 2006)
I.                                 III.
There once was a man               Next few nights
with nothing left to prove.        he’s churning up his bed.
He sat in his chair                His nerves go raw
and reviewed the City’s mood.      as he stares at his best friend.
This day his eye                   So he picks up the phone
wanders ‘cross the street.         and conjures up the past.
She’s in her yard                  Lines up supplies
layin’ out in the summer heat.     his conscience won’t outlast.
II.                                IV.
And along comes trouble -          We just keep holding on, holding on.
Chuggin’ ‘round the bend.
Like a long lost friend
Once again.
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ride to live, live to ride
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