The Wicked

The Wicked
  2002       ... For Theirs Is The Flesh       Industrial                  
  2004       Sonic scriptures of the end or songs to have nightmares with       Metal                  


The Return of the Madmen!The year 1999 that was filled with ominous biblical paraphernalia did not end up in a bang, but the apocalyptic visions of all raging doomsayers went out in a rather sad little wheeze. The only horrible event that year was the forming of a band later to be called The Wicked.The meeting of the two deranged individuals Necrotron and Lucius M.K. was not foreseen by any prophecy. The next millennium saw the release of their eponymous demo, and incidents labelled as alcohol-related mishaps enabled Lucius to enlist the drummer Meggadeath.Although no other label had shown whatever interest in releasing their art than Spikefarm (the poor bastards didnt know what they were getting into) the mindless trio set forth to create a monster album. Resurrected by chain lightning at a distant corner of the country, their debuting effort For Theirs Is the Flesh saw the blight of the day in 2002.Getting many praises as well as curses the band continued to enthrall the unexpecting ...

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