Death Metal
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  2001       Shadow       Death Metal                  


It seems that the melodic death metal Gothenburg sound of the middle to late 1990's, pioneered by At the Gates, In Flames, and Dark Tranquilty (and brought into further light with Arch Enemy and Children of Bodom), has reached the Japanese islands. Of course it was only a matter of time and Shadow present their take on that traditional sound with this, their self-titled, nine track album. This debut was released in Europe through Spikefarm, a division of Finland's Spinefarm Records. Personally I see no distinction between the output of either section of the label, as Spinefarm puts out a large percentage of melodic death metal no matter what subsidery label its under. I used to believe Spinefarm to be a more selective label who released only quality bands with distinctive and creatively unique sounds. That used to be the case, but lately Spinefarm, like Century Media, has been releasing numerous bands with the same Swedish sound. In the process they may be regulating quanity over quality, although I st Далее...

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