Rose Tattoo


Rose Tattoo
  Год       Название       Жанр       Лейбл       Рейтинг  
  1978       Rose Tattoo       Hard Rock                  
  1982       Scarred For Life       Heavy Metal               10/10  
  1984       Southern Stars       Rock                  
  1987       Beats From A Single Drum       Rock                  
  1991       The Best Of       Hard Rock                  
  1993       Angry Metal / 20 Great Tracks       Rock                  
  1996       Never Too Loud CD1       Rock                  
  1996       Never Too Loud CD2       Hard Rock                  
  1998       Nice Boys Don't Play Rock'n'roll       Rock                  
  2000       25 To Life CD1       Heavy Metal                  
  2000       25 To Life CD2       Heavy Metal                  
  2002       Pain       Heavy Metal                  


It was the year of 1976, as Peter Wells, former bass player of the Sydney band, Infamous Buffalo, went on the search for partners to start an aggressive new Street Rock?n`Roll band. The only condition: All members had to have tattoos, short hair and the same clothing style. At the same time in Melbourne there was a singer by the name of Angry Anderson, who's voice reminded you of a young Rod Stewart. Anderson met with Wells and the chemistry between them hit off straight away.With a blues-rock type sound, which reminded of the Stones and Faces, Rose Tattoo performed their fi rst gig on the evening of New Years Day in 1976 and shortly thereafter signed their fi rst deal with Albert Productions, the fi rm known as the Australian Hard Rock label where bands such as AC/DC and the Angels had also found their home. The in-house producers of the fi rm were the legendary Harry Vanda and George Young who had made their name with the Easybeats. The fi rst Tattoo single 'Bad Boy For Love', hit the radio like a roc Далее...

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