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  2005       beatlesRegrooved Tribute       Dance                  


KOCH Records to Release New Album by Ringo Starr"CHOOSE LOVE" Hits Stores June 7thNEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 04/27/2005 -- "'The Long And Winding Road' is more than a song," Ringo Starr sings on the title track of his latest album "Choose Love." And one of the most remarkable things about "Choose Love" is that this far down that long and winding road, Ringo Starr has never sounded more excited and engaged by the music he's making and the message of love that it spreads."Choose Love" is full of inspired songs of innocence and experience -- the heartfelt and heartening work of someone who's lived a little and learned a lot. This is rousing, rough and ready rock & roll that lovingly embraces the past, but has its eye very much on our shared future. And it's an album first and foremost about the best choice any of us have -- Love."What other choice is there?" Starr asks as he sits at home with Mark Hudson. Hudson is one of his key fellow travelers in the journey of the Roundheads, the loose Далее...

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